Tegam Inc.
10 Tegam Way 
Geneva OH Ohio
United States 44041
Phone: +1 440 466 6100, Fax: +1 440 466 6110
Tags: calibration converters electrical electronic equipment meters potentiometers power services thermometers transmitters
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Manufactures electronic test and measurement equipment for global, metrology, calibration and production test applications.
TEGAM Inc. - Calibration, Test & Measurement Equipment TODAY IS: 7/26/2007 Be certain with TEGAM ! Micro-Ohmmeters Ohm Meters LCR Meters / Impedance Bridges Function Generators Arbitrary Wave Generators MEMS Driver Systems MEMS/NEMS Driver Solutions Accelerometer Power Systems High Voltage Amplifiers Power Amplifiers Safety Volt Meters Motor Rotation & Phase Testers Humidity & Temp Transmitters Humidity & Temp Controllers Thermocouple Thermometers RTD & Thermistor Thermometers Thermocouple Probes RTD Probes Thermistor Probes Temperature Calibrators RF Power Sensor Calibration RF Power Level Controller Type IV Power Meters Coaxial Power Standards Wave Guide Power Standards SureCal Calibration Software RF Attenuation Measurement System Attenuation & Signal Calibrator Frequency Converters Primary Resistance Standards Transfer Resistance Standards Working Resistance Standards Precision Decade Boxes Coaxial Decade Potentiometers Precision Resistance Bridges Decade Synchro Resolver Bridges Decade