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6/5/2007 Custom human microarrays 12/28/2006 SpotBot and life origin
research 10/27/2006 Clinical Microarray News from GEN 09/12/2006 MAQC
Study Data Published, Schena Co-Authors 09/06/2006 ArrayIt Reports 40%
Increase in Sales. 06/20/2006 SpotBot Microarrayer now has Biacore Flexchip
SPR Application Support. 06/7/2006 TeleChem International, Inc. Awarded
Multi-Patient Genotyping Patent in New Zealand. 02/9/2006 Todd Martinsky to
speak at the G.O.T Summit on CGH Technology Choices and Considerations
10/28/2005 TeleChem International, Inc. awarded multi-patient genotyping
patent in Singapore. 10/26/2005 ArrayIt® Life Sciences Division records
10,000th order on its electronic shop site. 10/20/2005 ArrayIt® Division
celebrates the 10th anniversary of Dr. Schena?s 95? Science paper. 8/25/2005
Dehumidification and interstitial printing features added to NanoPrint
microarrayers. 8/8/2005 ArrayIt® Stealth Micro Spotting Device featured
on the cover of Chemical & Engineering News highlighting recent advances in
carbohydrate microarrays. 7/6/2005 TeleChem International, Inc. receives
landmark patent for multi-patient genotyping technology. 5/16/2005 TeleChem
International, Inc. receives #11 ranking among Silicon Valley companies.
4/5/2005 TeleChem International, Inc. posts strong increase in revenues for first
quarter of 2005 2/1/2005 ArrayIt® Division shows record web traffic to
start 2005 10/1/2004 Todd Martinsky discusses the impact of ex situ
miniaturization, parallelism and automation on systems biology in
Pharmagenomics. 8/20/2004 Todd Martinsky talks in the Drug Discovery and
Biotechnology Trends article: The Magic of Microarrays 7/20/2004 ArrayIt®
featured in CNBC?s Business Odyssey seg
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