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Offers RamSan solid state drives which accelerate databases, network hot files, and any other I/O or bandwidth intensive application.
Texas Memory Systems - Solid State Disk (SSD) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Systems Texas Memory Systems is the industry leader in solid state disk (SSD) technology. Our non-volatile RAM drives eliminate I/O wait time in storage and accelerate application performance in any I/O or bandwidth intensive environment. RamSan solid state disks provide superior performance to any cached RAID solution, exhibit higher levels of reliability than conventional storage, and include more high-availability features than competing SSDs. Our Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems have been designed to offer super DSP capacity and still keep the computer architecture simple, easy to understand, and quick to program. The new XP-30 is a powerful DSP accelerator card that is easily installed in most computers, residing on a standard 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI bus as a fast coprocessor. With the XP-30, you can turn your workstation into a supercomputer! Texas Memory Systems Sales - Call (713) 266-3200 Company | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Legal Copyright ? 2005 Texas Memory Systems. All Rights Reserved.
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