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Rigging products and lifting gear, wire rope, slings, hoists, fall prevention. We have fabrication facilities, provide testing and certification services and offer safety and training seminars.
The Carpenter Group The Carpenter Group? is your source for the highest quality wire rope , wire rope slings , wire rope assemblies , Twin-Path? high performance fiber slings and rigging products in the country. Our slogan ?Where Your Safety Comes First? guarantees you that every piece of wire rope, wire rope sling or assembly, high performance fiber Twin-Path? sling, and all rigging products will be manufactured with your safety as our primary concern. Every company in The Carpenter Group places a major emphasis on safety. This commitment is exemplified by the inspection and testing of customer rigging and hardware, as well as on-going safety training seminars showing you how to recognize unsafe rigging practices. As full line rigging lofts, we manufacture our own wire rope slings, flat web nylon slings, polyester round slings, Twin-Path? high performance slings, welded alloy chain slings as well as various types of wear protection to protect customer slings from abrasion or cutting. Twin-Path? high performance slings have revolutionized lifting industries with super strong and yet very lightweight products that are 1/10 th weight of steel but up to ten times stronger. This revolutionary product allows users to handle heavy loads?without the inconvenience of very heavy and sometimes dangerous wire rope slings. In addition to wire rope products and Twin-Path? slings The Carpenter Group manufactures high tech class 1000 clean rooms, as well as overhead cranes and clean room cranes u sed in the manufacturing process. For over fifty years , The Carpenter Group has been supplying the finest quality rigging products to California, Arizona, Nevada and Washington State. In 2003 The Carpenter Group received ISO 9001:2000 Registration. This certification exemplifies the Group?s commitment to excellence in all aspects of manufacturing, sales and service. Our testing facilities are capable of testing wire rope slings, Twin-Path? slings , and braided wire rope slings to capacities over 200 tons. Fall protection is a very imp