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Malcom Company - Leister Distributor - Solving Problems. So you don't have to. -- Product Hot List -- Leister Heat Sources Process Heat Control Systems Leister Blowers Hot Air Systems Packaging Systems Leister Heat Guns Plastic Welding Tools Plastic Extruders Geomembrane Welding Tools Soldering Tools Laser Welders Roofing Tools Sign, Tent & Tarp Welders Flooring Tools Brochures and Leaflets Products Heat Sources Blowers Control Systems Heat Guns Plastic Welding Floor Welding Sign, Tent & Tarp Welding Roof Welding Soldering & De-Soldering Geo-membrane Welding Search Malcom Malcom Company - Master Distributor for Leister Technologies Heaters, Blowers, Heat Guns, hot air tools, Plastic Welding Tools and automatic plastic welding machines. Favorites Process Heating Tools Hot Air Blowers Plastic Welding Tools Heat Guns ABOUT MALCOM COMPANY: Malcom Company Inc. is a Leister Technologies Authorized Master Distributor and Service Center for the full line of Leister Hot Air Blowers, Leister Hot Air Tools, Leister Heat Guns, Leister Plastic Welding Tools, Leister Heat Sources, Leister Blowers, Leister Electric Heating Elements and Leister hand held plastic extrusion welders. Malcom has offices located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and offers a network of local resellers servicing the entire Northeast territory in the USA. Hot Features PROCESS HEATING CONTROL SYSTEMS Malcom offers turn key process heating control systems. NOZZLES, AIR KNIVES AND REFLECTORS For any directional hot air application, Malcom offers a wide variety of standard and custom nozzles and reflectors for solving virtually any directional hot air process heating application requirement. INTERACTIVE HOT AIR SYSTEMS CALCULATOR Do you need to calculate the appropriate heating power, air velocity, and/or hot state air expansion for your hot air system? Visit our Process Heat Tools or Hot Air Systems web pages and click on the link available to access our interactive calculator that can help you in this process. PLASTIC WELDING TRAINING Featuring hands-on