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Tags: Concrete waterproofing admixture, curing compound, concrete sealer, vapor barrier
Keywords: Concrete waterproofing admixture, curing compound, concrete sealer, vapor barrier
Don't just waterproof your concrete, VAPORPROOF IT.

• SOLVE MOISTURE-BASED PROBLEMS IN CONCRETE, PERMANENTLY. No more flooring issues, efflorescence, or water intrusion, along with increased freeze/thaw durability and use as an integral curing compound.
• REDUCE LABOR AND CONSTRUCTION CYCLE TIMES, WHILE IMPROVING QUALITY. Eliminate the need for physical vapor barriers, curing compounds, sealers, and other costly and time consuming topical vapor emission control systems.
• 40-YEAR PEACE OF MIND WARRANTY. Ensure your project’s waterproofing is a success with Moxie's 40+ years of failure free warranty installations.

What others are saying about Moxie:
"We literally water and vapor proofed every cubic yard of concrete...Thank you so much for making an impossible project on the Pacific Ocean a success." - President, Prentice Construction, The Strand Condos
"The project timeline was positively affected three to four weeks by reducing both labor time and the enhancements to the curing process that Moxie Shield 1800 Admixture provided." - Regional Manager, Hunt Group, UCSF Helen Miller Cancer Research Center
"Moxie was used in the building of Hyatt’s 2,000,000 gallon salt water swim lagoon...there has been no leaks or break downs of any kind in the surface of the lagoon." - Waterfeatures Manager, Grand Hyatt, Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

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