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Thermal-Vac Technology - Heat Treating and Brazing Services We Now Offer Nickel Plating to AMS 2403 Silicide & Aluminide Coatings ISO and Accreditation Thermal-Vac's quality system meets stringent ISO requirements, and has been accredited by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors' Accreditation Program. Southern California's independent leader for Heat Treating and Brazing. For more than two decades, Thermal-Vac Technology has created a reputation for delivering expert heat treating and brazing services. Our mission is to satisfy customers through our dedication to quality and rapid response. From design through production, from processing reservations to automated delivery commitment documentation, even pick-up and delivery, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Equipped to meet your needs Thermal-Vac Technology maintains state-of-the-art equipment to perform complicated brazing, specialty heat treating, nickel plating, silicide, aluminide coatings and metallographic analysis. We have 9 vacuum furnaces with vacuum capabilities to 10(-7) torr, temperatures to 4200?F, and inert gas quenching with up to 12 bars of pressure. Our brazing and nickel-plating expertise has earned 'Supplier of the Year' honors from Pratt Whittney Rocketdyne Company. Thermal-Vac Home Page | About Thermal-Vac | Brazing Services | Heat Treating | Nickel Plating | Coating Technology Cryogenics | Quality System | Related Services | Heat Treating and Brazing Equipment | Line Card Thermal-Vac Announcements | Contact Us | Links | Technical Resources | Site Map Thermal-Vac Technology Southern California's Independent Source for Heat Treating and Brazing Services ? Thermal-Vac Technology 2005 Powered By Horizon Marketing
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