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Thermotex Industries, Inc.
PO Box 26327 
Greenville SC South Carolina
United States 29616
Phone: +1 864 877 9940
Tags: custom fabricating manufacturing
USA. Design and manufacture of high-performance reinforced, coated woven, nonwoven and knitted fabrics for fire and heat protection applications. Also, protective blankets, fire curtains, tapes and exhaust wraps.
Thermotex Industries Inc. Home Page THERMOTEX is a leading industrial textile company specializing in High Temperature, High Performance Textile for the Welding, Heat Shielding, Maintenance and Insulation Markets providing excellent quality, service and value pricing. THERMOTEX has been manufacturing and fabricating high temperature textile products for over two decades. Beginning as a small producer of fiberglass cloth, the company has evolved into a multi-division custom manufacturing powerhouse that maintains excellence in all areas of production and customer service. ALL PRODUCTS - ASBESTOS FREE - are designed, developed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of these end use markets. The product line includes woven, non-woven, and knitted products in a wide range of sizes, thickness, widths, weights, and fiber alternatives with and without coatings. For those unique / specialized applications, THERMOTEX offers custom design and engineering support.