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Thermwood Corp.
IN 47523 USA
Phone: +1 812 357 2123, Fax: +1 812 357 2299
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Line of industrial CNC routers.
Thermwood Corporation - First In CNC Routers Thermwood Corporation Thermwood manufacturers 3 axis and 5 axis cnc routers for wood, plastics, modeling and aerospace applications. In addition to cnc routers, we can provide production solutions, CAD/CAM software, programming, training, tech support and router supplies. cnc routers, CNC routers, cnc, routers, routing, 5 axis cnc routers, 5 axis cnc machines, 3 axis cnc routers, 3 axis cnc machines, cnc routing, cnc systems, cnc routing systems, cnc machining, cnc router supplies, router supplies, routing bits, router technology, woodworking, wood working, wood carving, 5 axis trimming, plastic molding, rotational molding, plastic trimming, thermoforming, composites, furniture, furniture production, furniture manufacturing, manufacturing systems, manufacturing solutions, wood component systems, production methods, 3D patterns and molds, nested mdf doors, MDF doors, five piece wood doors, kitchen cabinets, face frames, casegoods furniture, casegoods, kitchen and dining tables, upholstery frames, stairway stringers, cabinets, cabinet making, cabinetmaking, furniture fabrication cells, nested base manufacturing, modeling, mold making, patternmaking, CAD/CAM software, Mastercam, Cimagrafi, Panelmetrix, Final Finish, Thermwood, Thurmwood, Thirmwood