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Instrument and PCB prototyping equipment, supplies and accessories.
Think & Tinker Instrument Prototyping Homepage Think & Tinker Ltd. SkypeMe at "thinkntink" Think & Tinker , Ltd. Printed Circuit Prototyping Equipment & Supplies Lamination Equipment & Supplies Precision Carbide Cutters Catalog PCB Manual Catalog Tutorials Catalog Tutorials Price Increase on Carbide Tooling Effective Feb. 15, 2007 Think & Tinker supplies the world with: top quality carbide cutters at affordable prices application-specific carbide tools for working hardwoods, plastics, metals, and reconstituted minerals. industry standard chemical processes that take the hassle, and most of the mess, out of etching, through-hole plating, imaging, and laminating PCBs lamination equipment and supplies for offices, schools, laboratories, and PCB shops ...shipping to just about every point on the globe. Nobody likes to see prices go up! In spite of increases in the cost of virtually every aspect of our carbide tool production, we have been able to hold prices steady for almost 3 years. Unfortunately, multiple increases in the costs of carbide blanks and diamond grinding wheels have rendered a price increase unavoidable. On Feb. 15, 2007 there will be a 5% across-the-board increase in the prices of all carbide cutters manufactured by Think & Tinker, Ltd. READ ALL ABOUT IT Updated January 24, 2007 E stablished 1990 WWW O n the web 1994 HOME | CATALOG | SHOPPING CART | PCB PROCESS | REFERENCE | FAQ | CONTACT Sales: 1-(719) 488-9640 Tech Support: 1-(719) 488-9640 Fax: 1-(866) 787-6946 Copyright ? 1994 - 2006 Think & Tinker, Ltd.