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Custom or standard power transmission components for low and fractional horsepower applications.
Speed reducers, pulleys, and thrust bearings custom engineered and manufactured for industrial applications. Torque Transmission manufactures Pulleys , Ball Thrust Bearings and Right Angle Gear Boxes in standard and custom sizes. Our product line is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for fractional horsepower motion control applications. We are able to modify or customize any of the products in our catalog to meet your specific application, quickly and economically. Contact us today to discuss your current engineering challenge. Subscribe to our Quarterly Newsletter Design to prototype to production, Torque Transmission offers engineering assistance for your specific motion control application. We offer technical support for: Reverse engineering Process analysis Cost engineering Failure analysis Nylon Pulleys Fractional horsepower up to 1 HP. Our pulleys are produced with a combination of metal and over-molded nylon in a variety of pitches: XL Series L Series HTD 3mm HTD 5mm HTD 8mm Multi-V and GT2 Custom Design Variable Speed Companion Right Angle Gear Boxes Optimal performance in a cost-efficient drive system. Worm gears Helical gears Miter gears Miniatures We offer a wide variety of ratios, shaft lengths and mounting options to fit your application. Ball Thrust Bearings Ball Thrust Bearings in custom and standard sizes. Hardened carbon or stainless steel washers . Nylon ball retainers are lightweight, corrosion resistant, quiet and provide natural lubricity. Pulleys Ball Thrust Bearings Right Angle Gear Boxes Sprockets About Us News Contact Us Site Map Home 1246 High Street, Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077 USA • U.S. Calls: 800-544-6642 | P: 440-352-8995 | F: 440-352-7682 • Privacy Policy Spider Map