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Waveplate manufacturer Tower Optical excels in the design and production of precision optics. Waveplates/Retarders Prisms Beamsplitters Lenses Windows Mirrors Lasers Hot & Cold Mirrors WDM Optics Technical Capabilities Coatings Design & Engineering Press Releases ISO Certification Optics Education Area Information Resources Waveplates Waveplate manufacturer Tower Optical Corporation (“ Tower ”) produces precision optics including Zero Order Waveplates , Achromatic Waveplates , Multiple Order Waveplates , True Zero Order Waveplates , Retarders and Achromatic Waveplates which use a combination of Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) and Crystal Quartz. A waveplate is made of high quality Crystalline Quartz and they are available from stock in a large assortment of different waveplate wavelengths as well as dual waveplate wavelengths. They are available in different sizes, shapes, wavelengths and coatings to suit any application. Multiple Order Waveplates consist of a single Quartz plate, while Zero Order Waveplates are constructed of two Quartz plates that are oriented so that the optical axes are orthogonal. A Standard Waveplate is air spaced; cemented and contacted Wave plates are also available. Zero order Waveplates are far less sensitive to temperature changes. Optical Lenses, Prisms and Beamsplitters Tower provides lenses in the following formats: Convex, Concave, Spherical, Cylindrical, Ball and Drum or Barrel. Tower is a major producer of prisms , including a standard line of right angle micro prisms as well as custom prisms , which are made according to customers’ specifications. Tower also assembles prisms into Cube Beamsplitters , both polarizing and non-polarizing. Tower also provides Plate Beamsplitters . Optical Mirrors and Optical Windows As a manufacturer of precision optical devices , Tower can quickly ship you Optical Windows and Optical Mirrors . While standard windows and mirrors are shown in the catalog and on this website, Tower is a major manufacturer and supplier of custom optical windows and optical m
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