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Specializing in system monitoring and control solutions for a variety of industries, such as railway, power generation, wastewater management, waste energy recovery, remote site monitoring, and operations center services.
|TR Electronic| ..:: Encoders, Sensors, Service and Repairs for the World of Automation ::.. Absolute Programmable Absolute Non-Programmable Incremental Heavy-Duty Application Solutions High-Resolution Hollow-Shaft Cylinder Mount - Absolute Absolute Sub Micron Glass Scales Non-Cylinder Mount - Absolute Extreme Environment Adapters, Programmers and Other Accessories Input Modules and Signal Converters Cables, Couplings and Hardware Optical Fork, Angle and Frame Sensors Optical Diffuse, Retroreflective, Through-Beam and Fiber Optic Sensors Optical and Capacitive Label Sensors Optical and Inductive Ring and Tube Sensors Inductive and Capacitive Proximity, Cylinder and Level Sensors Detection and Measurement Light Curtains Ultrasonic Sensors Specialty Sensors Cables, Connectors, Converters and Accessories High-Power with Controller Self-Contained High-Power Sensor Self-Contained Door Edge Sensor Accessories