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Tribology Tech-Lube, Inc.
35 Old Dock Rd 
Yaphank NY New York
United States 11980
Phone: +1 516 472 0500, Fax: +1 516 345 3001
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Manufacture of synthetic and specialty lubricants including high temperature chain oils, compressor oils, gear box oils, general purpose oils.
Synthetic and Specialty Lubricants - Tribology Inc. Tech-Lube Your Synthetic & Specialty Lubricants Manufacturer Tribology Tech-Lube is a leader in the manufacturing of specialty, synthetic, and semi-synthetic lubricants, oils, and greases including high temperature chain oils , compressor oils , gear box oils , general purpose oils , extreme pressure oils, hydraulic oils , roller chain oils , multi-purpose greases , high and low temperature greases , OEM lubricants, anti-seize compounds , silicone grease and compounds, contamination resistant greases, biodegradable oils and greases. Heat sink compounds , including silicone, non-silicone, and thermally conductive compounds. NSF and USDA Food Grade Lubricants... Tribology also specializes in NSF registered , USDA approved food grade lubricants including
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