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Manufactures 'Fluimatic' specially designed valves and couplings for special purposes. OEM inquiries are welcome.
Unist delivers minimum quantity lubrication UNIST Products uni-MAX AirOil 24/7 Coolube Lubricants mini-MIST Mini-PIGGY-BACK Mini-Roller Powercool THRU-THE-TOOL Powered uni-Roller Saw Coolubing System SPR-2000 Fluid Controller SPR-2000-JR Fluid Controller Tornado THRU-THE-TOOL Typhoon THRU-THE-TOOL uni-MAX Coolubricator uni-MAX Coolubricator Jr uni-MAX Serv-O-Spray uni-MAX Single Line uni-MIST uni-Roller Type C uni-Roller Type S Whirlwind THRU-THE-TOOL Machining & Cutting Metalforming Wearpoint Lubrication Lubricants Literature & Results How UNIST started to write the book on non-friction. The year was 1957. There was basically one way to cool tools during machining and cutting: flood them with lubricant. Just as it does now, lubricant flooding posed several problems: It took lots of money to buy, store and treat high volumes of petroleum-based lubricants. Petroleum-based lubricants created a messy and time-consuming clean-up. Disposal costs kept increasing as governments worldwide controlled the environmental impact of petroleum-based lubricants and metal scrap. Revolutionary idea! PREVENT friction instead of managing heat. Two men in Grand Rapids, Michigan, began a new chapter in 1957 by primarily cooling tools using the Low Volume, Low Pressure (LVLP) evaporative cooling principal. The result: friction prevented or minimized before it built up. Read more about low volume/low pressure solutions for your machining operations Stop excessive lubrication of your cutting tools MQL/NDM delivers coolants/lubricants when and where they are most effective. Reduce tooling costs in your metalforming operations You will be amazed by how much smoother your coil stock and blank/sheet operations will run. Tired of bearing and mechanical failures? So were we. So we invented the Air/Oil 24/7 wearpoint lubrication systems. Find a solution for specific applications Order or download information from our Book on Non-Friction. Copyright © 2007 UNIST, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Site Map | Privacy Policy UNIST About UNIST | Contac
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