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UniMeasure, Inc
501 SW 2nd 
Corvallis OR Oregon
United States 97333
Phone: +1 541 757 3158, Fax: +1 707 284 5001
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Manufactures cable extension linear position and linear velocity transducers.
Linear Potentiometer, Position Transducer, Displacement Sensors, String Pot LX Series Position Transducer UniMeasure manufactures a broad line of wire rope actuated linear position and linear velocity transducers. Often referred to as a string pot, a yo-yo pot, a draw wire transducer, a linear position transducer, or a cable extension transducer, the device has proven to be an attractive approach for a multitude of applications in many different industries. With relatively non-critical alignment requirements, compact size, and ease of installation, wire rope actuated transducers are the linear position measurement system of choice in applications as diverse as bone densitometers in the medical industry, crash testing in the automobile industry, pump jacks in the crude oil extraction industry and irrigation and flood control in the water management industry. With a variety of available electrical outputs that include voltage, 4 to 20 mA current and digital, UniMeasure linear displacement transducer products provide an extremely cost effective method for linear position and velocity feedback. Selection Guide START HERE Installation Guides NOW Available Employment Opportunities Easy, Exacting, Economical. Features of UniMeasure Position Transducers include: Measurement ranges from 2" (50 mm) to 2000" (50 m ). Relatively non-critical alignment requirements. Various analog outputs: Ratiometric voltage divider Bridge circuit 0 to 10 VDC 4 to 20 mA ±10 VDC Various digital outputs: 2 channel square wave in quadrature 5 VDC ttl 8 to 28 VDC Line drive Compact sizes. Environmental sealing to NEMA 4 (IP-65) or NEMA 6 (IP-68) . JX Series Position Transducer Standard Series Position Transducer HX Series Position Transducer Certified UniMeasure Linear Position Products: UniMeasure linear position transducers are available in four distinct series: LX, JX, Standard and HX . The plastic bodied LX and JX series are ideal for high volume OEM applications and various test applications where cost is a major considerat
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