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UCT - The leader in solid phase extraction for over 20 years For the past 20 years, UCT has been developing and manufacturing two major silicon-based product lines. Our solid phase extraction products and line of specialty chemicals (Petrarch ) are distributed nationally as well as worldwide, with great success. We are committed to supplying our customers with top-quality, dependable products, as well as unsurpassed technical support. Job Opportunity Regional Sales Representatives for the Midwest & Northeast Technical Forum - Join the discussion forums.unitedchem.com PPM Our Positive Pressure Manifold Ethyl Glucuronide SPE Column An ethyl glucuronide solid phase extraction column is now exclusively available from UCT for analysis by LC/MS Featured: Environmental SPE Quick access to our entire environmental product line Online SPE Sample Requests Available Request your Solid Phase Extraction Column Samples Here Chemical Name CAS Number Product Code Empirical Formula