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United Silica Products Inc
3 Park Dr 
Franklin NJ New Jersey
United States 07416
Phone: +1 973 209 8854
Keywords: Instruments and Supplies Laboratory Equipment Glass Products and Accessories
Supplier of quartz, quartzware, glassware, horizontal and vertical wafer carriers, and process tubes and liners.
Quartzware, wafer carriers, quartz tubes and liners, and other products for semiconductors, UV transmissions, and fiber optic applications by United Silica Products United Silica Products, an authorized GE quartz distributor, is a leading supplier of fused quartz including quartz tube, wafer carrier, quartz rod, quartz plate, quartz tubing and other semiconductor quartz products. To go to a specific page: United Silica Products, Inc. Company Profile Products Design & Engineering Customer Service Information Request Career Opportunities Directions to our Location Email us Process Quartzware for: Company Profile Design and Engineering Customer Service Info Request Career Opportunities Directions quartzsales@unitedsilica.com Quartzware custom fabricated, quartz tubes and wafer carriers by: United Silica Products, Inc. 3 Park Dr. Franklin, NJ 07416 Phone 973-209-8854 | Fax 973-209-8864 Copyright ? 1999 United Silica Products, Inc. All rights reserved Since its founding in 1988, United Silica Products has strived to fulfill the ever-changing requirements of the Semiconductor Industry. Located on 4 acres in Franklin, New Jersey, our facility utilizes the expertise of Master Glass Blowers to fabricate optimum products on State Of The Art equipment. Some of our products: HORIZONTAL WAFER CARRIERS, HORIZONTAL PROCESS TUBES & LINERS, INJECTOR MANIFOLDS, THERMOCOUPLE SHEATHS,TORCHES(INTERNAL & EXTERNAL), VErTICAL WAFER CARRIERS & PEDESTALS, VERTICAL PROCESS, TUBES & LINERS, VACUUM VESSELS, RAPID THERMAL PROCESS & ANNEAL CHAMBERS, SINTERING/MUFFLE QUARTZWARE, QUARTZWARE APPRATUS, MACHINED SOLIDS(OPAQUE, CFQ & SYNTHETIC), RAW MATERIAL(TUBE, ROD AND PLATE).
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