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Welcome to Directed Light Inc. home Directed Light is a laser technology company serving the industrial, medical and scientific laser communities worldwide since 1983. Through our two business units, Laser Components Sales and Laser Job Shop, we serve our customers in the automotive, medical device, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, commercial products, and telecom industries in many ways. Our Laser Components Sales and Service group has more than 60 years of combined laser experience providing the most technically advanced, highest quality, mission-critical laser components and supplies in the industry. In addition, we provide laser system service and repair throughout North America with a team of highly experienced laser technicians. Our Advanced Technology Job Shop covers over 13,000 square feet of manufacturing space strategically located in Silicon Valley, California. We offer a complete range of CO 2 and Nd:YAG laser systems to meet virtually any materials processing requirement. Our quality control lab is equipped with the latest metrology tools to assure compliance with the closest tolerances. With proven applications in cutting, drilling, welding, hermetic sealing and marking, the Directed Light job shop is your complete laser micro-machining and micro-welding resource. We can handle all your contract laser processing needs from R & D through full production. Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd:YAG) is the most commonly employed solid state lasing medium for material processing applications. Nd:YAG has relatively good optical absorption and conversion efficiency, low lasing threshold and good thermal dissipation for high power operation. Acousto-Optic Q-switches are used to generate short duration, high-peak power pulses from continuous wave (CW) Nd:YAG lasers. A Q-switched laser can perform many applications which would be impossible for a CW laser system. 04.12.2007 Where lies the future for lamp-pumped solid-state lasers? By Neil S. Ball, Directed Light, and Matthias Stein, Heraeus Noblel
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