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URC Automation
1457 W Shamineau Drive 
Motley MN Minnesota
United States 56466
Phone: +1 218 829 3531, Fax: +1 218 829 5146
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URC Automation 6 - 9 Axis CNC Routers & Robots History Cost Contact / Location Robot Justification URC Automation Brief URC Automation makes 6 - 9 axis robot router machining systems that do secondary operations such as material removal, deflashing, deburring and drilling on plastic and composite parts. Blow mold and injection mold processors purchase URC equipment for these trimming operations. End-users of the molded parts include Polaris, Arctic Cat, Satellite, Skyline, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Coleman and Peterbilt. Our 6 axis robot router machining systems allow our customers to cut and drill virtually any shape at any angle! URC Automation builds Robot CNC Loading cells for loading and unloading parts in machining centers. We've designed and built robotic systems to handle large glass sheets, transmission components, engine cylinder liners, brass blanks, valve castings and screwdrivers. Some of the end users of these components include Mueller Company, Federal Mogul, Rigid and Craftsman. Custom machines, robot tooling and robot fixtures are another specialty. We have designed and built automated machines for measuring taconite concentrate, unrolling paper to a precision length and bending metal at precise angles. Robot grippers with compliance and distance sensing, and multiple gripper head assemblies are just a few of the grippers that we have designed. This is our 17th year in business and 9th year on the web! 6 - 9 Axis CNC Robot Routers Robot CNC Loaders Custom Robot Systems Offline Robot Programming Robot Routers - Machining and Drilling URC Automation builds 6 - 9 axis CNC robot router machining systems for plastic and composite material removal. We have a mobile platform system, several fixed station router machining systems and a 7-9 Axis router machining system for large parts or multiple stations for the secondary operations of cutting, drilling, deflashing, countersinking and trimming. Shape Generation software is an option for easy programming of circles, slots, rectangles and other shapes. The Off-lin