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Urethane Supply Company
1128 Kirk Rd 
Rainsville AL Alabama
United States 35986
Phone: 256-638-4103
Tags: aluminum bumpers chemicals coating epoxies fiberglass fillers molding plastic pressure processing recycling rods sealers urethane washer wax
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Offers plastic repair and refinishing products suitable for street bikes, bumpers, boats, and autos.
Urethane Supply Company - Plastic Repair and Plastic Welders Urethane Supply Company - Plastic Repair and Plastic Welders Urethane Supply Company has everything needed to repair and refinish plastics. From plastic welders to instant glues to epoxy fillers to paints to primers, you name it. Some of our products that you may be familiar with are: Mini-Weld Airless Plastic Welder, Plastic Magic Adhesion Promoter, PlatiFix plastic repair kit (not to be confused with Plastex plastic repair kit), Bumper and Trim Black (not to be confused with Forever Black), Wax Blaster wax remover, Flex Filler (not to be confused with Duramix), Black Cat primer (not to be confused with Transtar Hydroflex), Insta-Weld adhesives (not to be confused with Crazy Glue or LocTite), Bumper and Cladding Coat, ATV Fender Welder, Kayak and Canoe Welder for Pelican canoes, FiberFlex welding rods, Uni-Weld welding rods, EZ Weld Hot Air Plastic Welder, Steinel hot air plastic welder. We also carry a complete line of plastic welding rods. For example, we manufacture ABS welding rods, Polypropylene welding rods, Polyethylene welding rods, TPO (TEO) plastic welding rods, Polyurethane welding rods. In addition to the products you need to repair plastic, we also have detailed instructions and tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to repair plastic. motorcycle plastic gas tanks clean tex msds grand am 1996 body kits taillight crack dupont chromabase plastic bumper restore accord coupe all model 1996 repair plastic atv repair rv repair kits repair radiator plastic tank New Products Shopping Cart Store Directory 1-800-633-3047 International Distributors Contact Us Testimonials About Us MENU Catalog & Store Our Promise to You Search the Store Product Listing Cart Contents Customer Login How-To... Identify Plastics Repair Plastics Fix Bumpers Use PlastiFix Repair Taillights Use Bumper & Cladding Coat Use Bumper & Cladding Adhesion Primer Remove Wax From Textured Plastic Restore Cloudy Yellow Headlights Repair Aircraft Parts Repair Kayaks and Canoes