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USA Industries - Tube Plugs Your source for tube plugs, heat exchangers, and boiler tools Call Us Anytime! 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week 1-800-456-8721 Fax: 713-941-1086 In Stock - Ships Same Day! No Minimum Order! Piping Products & Flow Measurement Tube Plugs, Heat Exchangers, & Condensers or Boiler Tools USA Industries is dedicated to provide our customers with Products of an Economically Superior Value that adhere to our strict Quality Manufacturing & Assurance Program. Our stock includes the most comprehensive Product Lines available for immediate delivery! Tube Plugs "Tube Plugs from the Plug Pros" With over 200,000 Tube Plugs in stock and production capacity of more than 4,000 plugs per day, we maintain the most comprehensive line of Tube Plugs available. Our New Snap It Sr and Jr Plugs: "Consistent, Controlled Installation" with pressure ratings of up to 7,000 psig and through the tube plugging capabilities. Our Tube Plugs are used to plug Condenser Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Boiler Tubes, Air Cooler Header Plugs and include the following selections: Tube Plug, Metal Taper - Stocked sizes range from our TP1 (1/4" 18 ga.) to our TP22 (3 1/4" 23 ga.) and stocked in over 20 Metals. Two Piece Tube Plugs – Elliott Style Hammer Driven plug. Phenolic & Micarta Tube Plugs – Stocked & Custom Sizes available Wood Tube Plug – CALL Cork Plug – Sizes TP-0 thru TP12 Rubber Plug - Sizes TP-00 thru TP18 Expandable Rubber Plugs - The Condenser Plug that gives you "Performance Under Pressure" - up to 150 psi Shoulder Plugs - Made for FIN FAN Header Boxes and available in Carbon Steel (coated or uncoated), Stainless Steel, Brass and other materials. In addition, buy from a stocked Tube Plug size or we can custom manufacture Tube Plugs to your material and size specifications. Heat Exchanger Tools " Build, Repair, Replace, Test, Clean or Plug all Heat Exchanger, Condenser, Boiler and Fin-Fan assemblies " – Products Manufactured to provide the gr