Valco Cincinnati Inc
411 Circle Freeway Dr 
Cincinnati OH Ohio
United States 45246
Phone: +1 513 874 6550, Fax: +1 513 874 3612
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USA. Adhesive application equipment for a variety of industrial uses. Hot-melt systems for nonwoven web converting.
Valco Cincinnati adhesive dispensing equipment and high-speed quality assurance systems, hot-melt systems, cold glue systems, Boardrunner glue station, © Valco Cincinnati, Inc. 411 Circle Freeway Drive Cincinnati, OH 45246 Tel: (513) 874-6550 Fax: (513) 874-3612 Adhesive Dispensing Equipment & Quality Assurance Systems Creating strong, durable bonds through cold-glue and hot-melt adhesive technologies has been central to Valco Cincinnati's prominence in the packaging, paper converting, graphic arts and non-wovens industries. Since 1952 Valco has been responsive, adjusting rapidly to changing market demands through innovative solutions. The transfer of those solutions to the production floor continues today with successful installations and an international service and support network. In addition to adhesives, Valco systems dispense and control other products such as lubricants, food ingredients, paints/inks, waxes and solvents. NEWS... Valco Cincinnati announces acquisition of MELTON S.L.U. Valco Cincinnati launches registered business offices in China Valco partners with Shure-Glue/Melton Systems to provide industry-standard hot-melt systems and replacement parts Metso glue assisted turn-up patents license agreement