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SigPoint NDT - Features and Benefits

Benefits Guide - SigPoint™ NDT

SigPoint™ NDT is an expert software system designed to support and manage the work of professionals in the field of Non Destructive Testing.

Designed by industry experts the software is a unique client/server based solution, which learns the relationships between wearing components.

The technology behind the software called Signature Point ReferencingŌ uses patented algorithms that offer quick and accurate predictions based on the aggregation of fewer and fewer real world measurements.

SigPointä NDT is aimed at organisations who as part of their maintenance processes wish to:

  • Reduce the cost of NDT data collection and analysis
  • Reduce the risk of plant and equipment failure
  • Increase their confidence in NDT data analysis and plant integrity
  • Optimise maintenance costs
  • Provide easy to use, easy to implement, reliable tools for their technicians and managers to use in the execution of their duties.

SigPointä NDT enables managers to meet these needs, as demonstrated by existing clients such as Alcoa, Shell, Anaconda and other leading companies.

Implementation of the software enables companies to achieve real business benefits by providing the following capabilities:

  • The software allows measurement point data captured on common industrial data loggers to be automatically imported into its NDT database, thus reducing the manual effort required for data collection
  • It automatically analyses the vast array of NDT data and provides trends, wear alarms, critical alarms and predicts when maintenance will be required. This reduces the amount of manual analysis that is usually required and increases confidence in the results.
  • Signature Point Referencingä technology analyses the data and identifies where sampling frequencies can be reduced, thus significantly reducing the amount of effort (and cost) required for data collection. It additionally identifies anomalies and highlights potential reading errors or unregistered plant changes thus increasing confidence in the captured data upon which reliability engineers are dependent.
  • The software provides recommendations for the sampling route, which can be exported to the data loggers, again supporting technician productivity.
  • It is easy to implement and easy to use, with non-technical users typically becoming confident with the system within a day, and with benefits being achieved within a few weeks.
  • Existing data can be imported enabling exploitation of previous NDT work and this enables predictive analysis and results to be achieved within very short timeframes.
  • The software is inexpensive, fully supported (including training and set-up), and reliable as demonstrated by major clients already using the software.

The software solution will reduce NDT costs by increasing the productivity of NDT technicians, and by reducing the frequency of testing required at many of the measurement points. Existing clients have already reduced costs in these areas by over 50%.

It increases the productivity of reliability engineers by reducing the amount of manual analysis required, and allowing the engineers to focus on higher value tasks and decisions. It also ensures confidence that data has not been accidentally missed or misinterpreted.

Reporting of trends, alarm and critical information allows maintenance to be scheduled in good time, thus maximising maintenance productivity, reducing the likelihood of equipment failure, and protecting plant integrity.

The forecasting algorithm can be used to ensure that materials with long lead times can be ordered and available when required, or be used to establish if the interval between shutdowns can be extended, thus reducing down time and cost.

Protection of plant integrity through use of the software prediction features contributes to a reduction in risk associated with health and safety and environmental risk associated with plant failure.

SigPointä NDT is simple to use, reliable, and is easy to implement. This ensures that implementation costs are low, implementation risks are minimised, and that user productivity and benefits are achieved quickly following installation. Typically, including legacy data conversion, this has been within seven days with existing clients.

o obtain a demonstration CD or to discuss implementation and client references please email Lou Schillaci or contact SigPoint Pty Ltd on +61 89 313 4997.