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Validyne Engineering - Pressure Transducers/Transmitters, Signal Conditioning/Data Acquisition Validyne Employee Section WELCOME NEW Validyne Engineering announces the introduction of the model P56 Digital Differential Pressure Transducer. The P56 provides an RS485 serial interface that allows remote zero adjustment, calibration and re-ranging over serial networks, as well as digital pressure and temperature readings. You can read more about it in our "What's NEW" section or check out its Data Sheet . Validyne Engineering, located in the greater Los Angeles, California, area, is a leading manufacturer of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, signal conditioning in rack mount format and in portable units for field testing, and data acquisition systems with expandable chassis designs as well as PC based products for industrial and laboratory testing applications. Our strong knowledge of measurement and turnkey solutions has led us to customize our products over 2500 times for our customers. Whether you see something you need, or need it slightly modified, or need a design from scratch, Validyne has the experience and capabilities to respond, and quickly. We have over 35 years of experience in creating measurement solutions for commercial and OEM customers in the following market areas: Analytical Instruments High Frequency Response Chromatography Fittings Precision Viscometer Detector P55 Data Sheet Read Application Notes Flight/Aircraft Testing Airframe Load Testing Flight Test Pressure Transducers P55 Transducer Data Sheet P855 Transducer Data Sheet MC170 System Data Sheet Read Application Notes Vehicle & Engine Testing Vehicle Thermocouple Data Acquisition Brake Test Transducers Portable Signal Conditioning for Field Testing Engine Test Cell Measurement VDAS Data Sheet P55 Data Sheet MC170L Data Sheet SG297A Data Sheet P2 Data Sheet Read Application Notes Furnace Control Precision Draft Range Pressure Glass and Steel Furnace Draft DR800 Data Sheet See Application Notes HVAC Monitoring Filter Pre
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