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Designs, manufacturing, installs and provides maintenance of air scrubbers, ventilation equipment and air pollution control systems. Includes details and contact information.
Vanaire I need to... Request a Quote Request Maintenance Contact Customer Service Contact Vanaire Call 1-800-743-3553 to discuss your needs or email us with your questions. Sales Reps Needed Contact Herm Schlageter Email: Phone: 502-491-3553 Read the Newsletter Subscribe now to receive our newsletter. Washington Report OSHA Reg Alert OSHA Likely to Loosen Cr PEL, Finalize at 5 ug/m3 with extended 4 year compliance deadline. Click here for more information. For complete & up to date information, please visit the OSHA web-site . Vanaire's team will ensure your compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulatory, emissions and air pollution control standards. Let our team help your team. Contact us for more information. Vanaire is the industry leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ventilation and air scrubber equipment for Industries such as Plating, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Municipal Waste Treatment, Semi-conductor, Chemical Mfg, Pulp & Paper, Aerospace and Automotive. Vanaire has the expertise and the experience to capture and remove fumes from even the toughest processes which emit hazardous pollutants to the air. With the largest engineering staff industry wide, every system is custom designed utilizing the most up to date technology available to achieve the highest efficiency removal of fumes at the most economical cost to the customer. Because Vanaire has two complete manufacturing facilities, one for Fiberglass and the other for PVC, CPVC and Polypro, we are able to provide all of our equipment such as Scrubbers, Fans, High Efficiency Mist Eliminators, Hoods and Duct in the best material suitable for your application. Vanaire will provide you a complete system from the hoods to ductwork to scrubber and fan. We can also completely automate your system with panels and controls such as level, pH, ORP, flow and pressure. We can completely install the system and provide field start up service. Vanaire offers a complete and comprehensive line of high