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W J Baker Company, Inc.
120 S St 
Wilder KY Kentucky
United States 41071
Phone: +1 859 261 8482, Fax: +1 859 261 7474
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Split Seam Spacers, Sleeves and Bushings - Bakertubular.com Split Seam Spacers, Sleeves and Bushings BAKER TUBULAR METAL PRODUCTS CERTIFIED TO ISO 9001:2000, WITHOUT DESIGN Site Navigation Home for Split Seam Spacers Contacts Dowel Pins Bushings & Sleeves Feedback Split Seam Spacers Split Seam Bushings Specifications Spring Pins Services Multislide Stampings Wire & Tubing Connectors RoHS Information Table of Contents LATEST NEWS FLASH Check out our Latest News Flash which we are sure you won't want to miss. DON'T USE COSTLY CUT-TO-LENGTH SEAMLESS TUBING OR SCREW MACHINE PARTS WHEN A SPLIT SEAM SPACER WILL SERVE AS WELL OR BETTER AND SAVE YOU MONEY! The W. J. Baker Company was started in 1899 by William J. Baker at the corner of Forrest and Saratoga Streets in Newport, Kentucky. In 1998 the Baker Company constructed a modern one story manufacturing facility with approximately 45,000 square feet. It is located at 120 South Street, Wilder, Kentucky USA. Through the years, Baker produced a variety of metal and wood products including metal and wood window screens, Venetian blinds, baby walkers/ strollers, including the original ?Taylor Tot? baby walker. Children?s toys and vehicles made at Baker were Irish mails, snow sleds, roller skates and scooters. T oday, Baker?s primary product is our split seam spacers, sleeves and bushings as shown in this picture. Baker split seam spacers, dowel pins, bushings and inserts are sold in the United States and Canada to many industries. We encourage our customers to consider our product over costly cut-to-length tubing or screw machine parts. Split seam spacers will serve as well or better and save you money. Our slotted spring pins are chamfered and formed in our standard automated process. They can be produced from high carbon steel or stainless steel in a variety of finishes. Save by using split seam spacer products to connect pipe or tubing from either inside or outside. Specify I.D. or O.D., length, wall thickness, type of metal, finish, and special features such as open or