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Environmental Test Chambers, Thermal Shrouds, and Space Simulation Systems Main Page from Bemco Inc. Environmental Chambers and Space Simulation Systems Home Purchase Service Support Contact CHAMBERS Temperature Universal Test Humidity Altitude Stress Screening Thermal Shock Walk-in SYSTEMS High Vacuum Fluid Chillers Gas Servos Bemcoil HX Other Products Rental - Lease Test Lab SEARCH Literature Site Index Translate Search Engine The Bemco Story A California Corporation founded in 1951 by a WWII combat P38 Lockheed Lightning pilot who served in Europe. Bemco is the oldest environmental test equipment company under continuous ownership in the United States. If you include our Conrad/Missimer Division, this is our 75th year . In 1958, Bemco made the first orbital space simulator in the United States. Many Bemco systems made in the 50's, 60' and 70's are still functioning reliably today. In 1972, Bemco purchased Conrad/Missimer , the then industry leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers from Gulf and Western (now Viacom) . Many of the unique products Bemco offers today, such as the Universal Test Machine, FTU and the Compact Temperature Chamber, FB1.5 , came with this purchase. Almost every US space program has in some part been tested in a Bemco Space Simulator , Bemcoil Thermal Shroud , or a Bemco manufactured Thermal Vacuum System . Bemco products can be found in laboratories and test facilities all over the world in almost every industry including aerospace, defense, electronics, automobile, medical, and consumer products. Today, Bemco continues to develop new products and skills. With the most experienced engineering and production staff in the industry, we are proud of the quality equipment we make. Welcome to Bemco! Thank you for visiting our web site. As our many current customers know, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Our motto is "Focused on Excellence" and that is exactly who we are. We manufacture the most reliable and highest quality equipment at affordable prices and we provide