Wafer Tech Llc
5509 N.W. Parker St 
Camas WA Washington
United States 98607
Phone: +1 360 817 3086
Tags: cleanroom equipment
Keywords: Electronics and Electrical Semiconductors Contract Manufacturing
Wafer manufacturing, probing, assembly and final test. .25 micron. Fab in Washington State, USA.
Wafertech ABOUT WT SERVICES TECHNOLOGY CAREERS HOME Integrity Customer Partnership Innovation Commitment WHAT IS WAFERTECH? WaferTech is, by far, the largest semiconductor integrated circuit foundry in the United States. We are a World Class manufacturer - 100% dedicated to manufacturing our customer's ICs. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? We make computer chips for customers who design the chips but don't make them. Our strength is in our manufacturing process, and all we do is manufacture - we don't design so therefore we can never compete with our customers. WHAT ARE THE END  USES FOR THE CHIPS WE MAKE? WaferTech has a very large and diverse portfolio of chip processing technologies. We make chips for our customers that end up in cellular phones, computer game consoles, telephone switches, MP3 players, DVD players, cameras, even radios and toasters. ©2005 WaferTech LLC. All Rights Reserved. Legal Notice - Privacy Policy - Contact Us - Site Map   > TSMC   > Job Opportunities   > How to Apply   > Business Contacts   > Inclement Weather Info WHAT MAKES US "WORLD CLASS"? Manufacturing Expertise - WaferTech, located in Camas, Washington, 20 miles outside of Portland, Oregon, is backed by the technological prowess of our parent company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ("TSMC"), creator and world leader of the semiconductor integrated circuit foundry industry. A TSMC Company - As the first dedicated foundry, TSMC has experienced strong growth by being a true partner with customers, never a competitor. Companies around the world have trusted TSMC with their IC chip manufacturing needs since TSMC's founding in 1987. Quality Facilities, Quality Processes and Quality People - WaferTech's 1-million-square-foot complex contains 130,000 square feet of cleanroom, complete with technologically advanced processing tools. Our results-oriented workforce is totally committed to continuous improvement, the highest levels of quality, and meeting our customer's needs. Customer-Oriented Culture - Waf