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Specializes in custom design and supply of plating and anodizing equipment for a wide variety of industries. Range runs from fully automated lines to semi-automatic systems.
Turnkey finishing Systems for Anodizing / Plating Equipment, Powder Coating System manufactures turnkey finishing systems: anodizing equipment, autophoretic, electrocoating, barrel plating equipment lines, electroplating, aluminum finishing and powder coating systems! 800-831-5555 or 616-942-8910 Our 40+ years of experience as a manufacturer, designer, and installer makes us your best source for: Anodize equipment and systems : type I ? chromic acid anodizing; type II ? sulfuric acid anodizing; type III ? hardcoat anodizing; phosphoric acid anodize (PAA), boric sulfuric (BSAA), thin film anodizing, two-step electrolytic color anodizing, interference color anodizing, brite dip, and selective anodizing with Walgren's SELCOATER ? Plate equipment and systems : zinc, zinc alloy, copper, brass, nickel, chrome, plastic, tin, and E-N plating/electroless nickel plating Powder coating equipment and systems : compact powder coating system for parts up to 24 feet, power-and-free systems, vertical systems for extrusions up to 30 feet, automated overhead hoist systems for heavy or bulky parts, split rail systems, monorail conveyor systems for high volumes, pretreatment, ovens. Autophoretic ? is a coating technology patented by Henkel SurfaceTechnologies. Coatings are organic, low and zero-VOC waterborne formulas. Autophoretic finishing systems use autodeposition to provide a non-electric driven organic coating reaction with the surface of ferrous metals. A feature of the auto-deposition coating method is the formation of a highly uniform film over the entire workpiece, including difficult-to-reach areas. Walgren Autodeposition / Autophoretic finishing systems coat intricate shapes, tubular products and assemblies with exceptionally high uniformity. Walgren manufactures finishing systems specifically designed for Autodeposition / Autophoretic coatings, including application of the Henkel's newest Autophoretic 900 Series coatings. Electrocoating System Pretreatment : parts washers, cleaning, etching, zinc phosphate, iron phospha