Ward Corporation
642 Growth Ave 
Fort Wayne IN Indiana
United States 46808
Phone: +1 260 426 8700, Fax: +1 260 420 1919
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A manufacturing conglomerate specializing in the production of aluminum castings and related products.
Ward Corporation - Home Ward Corporation - Home Ward Corporation Ward Corporation manufactures high-quality aluminum castings in sand, permanent and semi-permanent mold processes. From non-heat treated commercial grades to high strength heat treated alloys, WAC produces from low-volume prototypes to high production quantities, and is able to tailor their methods to meet the customer casting and production requirements. By combining Ward Aluminum Casting, Ward Pattern & Engineering, Ward Heat Treating, and Ward Production Machine, Ward Corporation is able to rapidly and accurately produce fully finished, machined castings and assemblies. Company Ward Corporation includes: Ward Aluminum Casting, Inc. Ward Pattern & Engineering, Inc. Ward Heat Treating Ward Production Machine A family-owned group, Ward Corporation is large enough to support the tooling, casting, machining, and assembly needs of its customers, but small enough to be responsive and pro-active. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the corporation has successfully grown from three to over 200 employees throughout its four divisions. As a complete one-stop source for engineering, tooling, castings, machining and heat treating, the strength of Ward Corporation lies in the ability to rapidly convert an idea into an accurate, complete component. Philosophy The strength of our company is in its people. Working as a team, Ward Corporation is committed to providing our customers the utmost in quality and delivery performance, at the lowest possible cost. Ward Corporation recognizes that innovation is essential to maintaining our stature as an industry leader. We are fully committed to constant process, improvement, and the utilization of the latest available technologies. Environmental Ward Corporation is committed to protecting the resources of our environment for future generations. We also view the environment as a necessary and integral part of our continuing development. An avid advocate of recycling, we are active participants in recycling paper products, met