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Washington Mills Electro Minerals Company Request Information | Home About Us Products Industries Services Documents Contact Us About Washington Mills is one of the world’s largest producers of abrasives and fused mineral products, offering an exceptionally wide line of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals from its worldwide multi-plant locations. At Washington Mills, our business is providing our customers with the highest quality products and service at the best price – we pay attention to that business. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products in many different grains and powder sizes: Alumina Bubbles, Alumina-Silica Fines, Alumina-Zirconia, Boron Carbide, Brown Aluminum Oxide, Chrome-Alumina, Custom Fusions, Emery, Fused Silica, High Chromium Ruby Colored Aluminum Oxide, Iron Pyrite, Magnesium Oxide, Mullite, Pink Aluminum Oxide, Potassium Fluoroborate KBF4, Silica Fume, Silicon Carbide, Spinel, Synthetic Cryolite, Toll fusion, White Fused Alumina, Zirconia We manufacture many of our fused materials through an electric arc fusion process or Acheson furnace technology. The fusion process transforms raw materials such as bauxite, silica sand and alumina into materials such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, mullite and many other fused materials. These abrasive and fused materials possess properties that make them valuable in hundreds of different applications. Industries & Applications Washington Mills’ grains and powders touch more things than meet the eye. From Aerospace to Mining - Clean Energy Technologies to Metallurgy - High Tech Ceramics to Thermal Sprays - Washington Mills’ materials perfect your products and technologies. Washington Mills’ fused minerals can be found at work in the following industries and applications: Advanced Ceramics Coatings Mass Finishing Photovoltaic Aerospace Cosmetics Medical Devices Precision Cutting Automotive Electronics Metal Finishing Pressure Blasting Bonded & Coated Abrasives Investment Cast
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