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Manufactures and markets peristaltic pumps globally. Such pumps have no valves, seals or glands, and the fluid contacts only the bore of an elastomeric tube.
Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps - Peristaltic, Hose, Tube Pumps Fast forward to ... Applications center Brochures Contact us Corporate information Datasheets Find a rep/distributor Hose Pumps How they work Industrial process ISO documentation Laboratory/Research Manuals New Pumpsil Tubing Pharmaceutical/Food Range replacements Trade shows Tubing Water and Wastewater    Sales and support ------ Contact us Size an application Log support request ------ AK AL AL (North) AL (South) AR Arizona CA CA North CA South Canada (Alberta) Canada (Ontario/Quebec) Canada (NS, NF, NB, PEI) CO Costa Rica CT DE DE (North) DE (South) Dominican Republic FL FL (Panhandle) GA HI IA IA (Eastern) ID ID (North) ID (South) IL IL (South) IL (Central) IL (North) IN IN (North) IN (West Tip) IN (South) KS KS (North) KS (South) KY KY (West tip) LA MA MD ME Mexico MI MI (UP) MN MO MS MS (North) MS (South) MT NC ND NH NJ NJ (North) NJ (South) NM NV NV (North) NV (South) NY NY (City) NY (Metro) NY (State) OH OH (North) OH (South) OK OK (ALL) OR OR (ALL) PA PA (East) PA (West) Panama Puerto Rico RI Sales & Support America SC SD TN TN (East) TN (West) TX UT VA Venezuela VT WA Washington DC WI WV WY PERISTALTIC PUMPS: THE HOT NEW TECHNOLOGY USA and Canada Tube pumps and hose pumps: the world's fastest growing pump types Select a region Português/Brasil UK, Asia and Africa Français South Africa Bulk Tubing Dansk On-line help Go to Tubing The perfect pump Watson-Marlow Bredel is the world leader in peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps. We have over one million hose and tube pumps metering, transferring and dispensing shear sensitive, abrasive and aggressive fluids in every industry such as: biopharmaceutical, chemical, water and waste treatment, food and beverage, print and packaging and ceramics ...more From the world's largest manufacturer of tube and hose pumps Superb knowledge, service and products have sold over one million tube pumps (pressures up to 100psi, flow rates up to 35 gpm) and reinforced hose pumps (232 psi and 350 gpm) ...more Just launch
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