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Weaver Technologies services manufacturing companies with HEPA air filtration for softwall cleanrooms, air ionization for static control, ergonomic lifting devices About Us Products Air Filtration Air Ionization Ergonomics Industries Medical Devices Plastics Industry Terms Case Studies Precision Wire Contact Us Home Welcome To Weaver Technologies Weaver Technologies, based in Tigard, Oregon, is the Pacific Northwest's leading provider of Quality Improvement using HEPA Air Filtration , Air Ionization and Ergonomic equipment. We service clients in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. Air Filtration: from Cleanrooms to HEPA Filters Imagine a modular, portable cleanroom that sets up easily and improves the quality of air used in manufacturing industries as diverse as biomedical, photonics, plastics, food processing, aerospace and semiconductors. These enclosures are one of the most valuable advances in contamination control in decades. Each enclosure is designed to meet International Cleanroom Standard ISO 14644 Class 4 to 9 (fka FedStd209E Class100 to Class 100,000). At Weaver Technologies our particle contamination controlled environments, such as modular hardwall cleanrooms , portable softwall cleanrooms or HEPA filtered laminar flow benches , work with our many dust collection and air filtration systems to reduce rejects and maximize yields. Air Ionization for Elimination of Static Electricity Keeping your product and/or processes free of static charges improves quality and efficiency. Whether you need to clean off debris with high velocity ionized air or control static with a complete room ionization system, we can help. Weaver Technologies offers ionizing bars , web cleaners , electrostatic charging bars , ionizing blowers , ionizing air knives , ionizing blow-off guns , ionizers for mini-environments and field meters so you can measure and monitor your static electricity. Whether you are struggling with materials that cling, repel from one another or cause electrostatic discharge (ESD), Weaver Techn