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Vacuum furnaces and laboratory furnaces for production furnace applications and laboratory furnace applications and crystal growers for crystal growers and crystal growing applications High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces astroDIVISION 1911 Airport Blvd. Santa Rosa, CA 95403 U.S.A. Telephone (707) 571-1911 Fax (707) 571-8098 E-Mail sales@thermaltechnology.com brewDIVISION 197 Loudon Rd., Suite 230 Concord, NH 03301, U.S.A. Telephone (603) 225-6605 Fax (603) 224-3798 E-Mail sales@thermaltechnology.com europeDIVISION THERMAL TECHNOLOGY GmbH Bismarckstrasse 28a, 95444 Bayreuth, Germany Telephone (0921) 62019 Fax (0921) 62010 E-Mail TTGmbH@T-online.de Model 1000E Furnace For Information Call (707) 571-1911 Thermal Technology LLC designs and manufactures vacuum furnaces and controlled atmosphere high temperature furnaces for a large variety of applications in both industry and laboratory environments. The following list will help you select a vacuum furnace that is appropriate for your application: Arc-melt furnace (laboratory size) Bell-jar style vacuum furnaces Co-firing vacuum furnaces Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) vacuum furnaces Chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) vacuum furnaces Custom-designed vacuum furnaces Crystal grower applications Crystal growing furnaces (crystal growers): Bridgman Czochralski Stepanov Debinding / dewaxing furnaces Diffusion bonding vacuum furnaces Fiber / fibre drawing furnaces : Optical Silicon carbide Graphite Furnaces for dilatometers Gas purification Gem enhancement vacuum furnaces High temperature vacuum furnaces Hot press furnace for vacuum or controlled atmospheres Hydrogen furnaces Hydrogen brazing furnaces Laboratory vacuum arc-melting furnaces Laboratory vacuum furnaces for research Metallizing furnaces Molten salt oxidation (MSO) system for hazardous waste elimination Physical test furnaces Physical vapor deposition furnaces Production furnaces Reaction bonding furnaces Retort furnaces Sintering furnaces Tilt-pour vacuum furnace for casting Ultra high vacuum furnaces Vacuum annea