Sensor Networks
Wenesco, Inc.
PO Box 59303 
Chicago IL Illinois
United States 60659
Phone: +1 773 286 8400, Fax: +1 773 286 9940
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Keywords: Soap and Candle Making Candles
Manufacturer of soldering, heating, and melting equipment for craft and production candle makers.
Wenesco, Inc.: primary source of soldering equipment & supplies; industrial process melting equipment Product Index adhesive pot agitators alternator soldering armature soldering automatic soldering babbit melters bearing tester beeswax melter brazing paste bronze melters candle pots castings cerro melter convection preheaters crucible furnace desoldering diffusers dip-seal pot dip-seal tank dross inhibitor dross control electric furnace epaflow reflow wax flat solder pots flow solder flux diffusers flux stones fluxers fluxers,foam fluxers, spray fluxers,wave foam fluxers fountain, solder furnace, electric furnace, gas furnaces gas furnace gas melter glue pot gold melter hazardous area hot plate high temp furnace high temp pumps high temp solder heated hose hot melt plastic melter hot melt tank hot oil pot hot oil pump hot plates inerting systems injector-melter laboratory furnace ladles lead melters lead-free babbitt pots l ead-free melting pots lead-free pewter l ead free soldering lead-free soldering pots lead-free wave rework lead-free wave solder pots machines, soldering mass soldering melters, metal melting pots: other mini-wave mixers: wax, plastic
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