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West Point Foundry
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West Point GA Georgia
United States 31833
Phone: +1 407 339 1177, Fax: +1 407 339 6704
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USA. Machinery company, active in textiles and contract manufacturing. Slashers, beamers, creels and warpers for natural and synthetic yarns. Also, hydraulic cutting and brushing machines for corduroy, and refurbishing and upgrading of used textile equipment. Machine specifications. Links to related sites.
WEST POINT FOUNDRY AND MACHINE COMPANY West Point offers a diverse array of products and services… Textile Machinery – Warp Preparation Machinery Contract Manufacturing – Foundry Services, Machining, Fabrication, and Assembly Reed-Chatwood – Machinery and Replacement Parts WP Solutions – Equipment Removal and Installation, Transportation, Project Management, Export Documentation, and Warehousing Contact Information: West Point Foundry and Machine Company P. O. Box 589 , 2021 State Line Road West Point, Georgia • USA • 31833-0589 Phone: 706-643-2101 Fax: 706-643-2100 E-mail: sales@westpoint.com Company Overview | Contact Us | What's New Textile Machinery | Contract Manufacting Reed Chatwood Contents Copyright © 2000 West Point Foundry and Machine Company. All Rights Reserved.
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