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Pew Hill Chippenham UNITED KINGDOM
Phone: 01285880055, Fax: 01285884411
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Westcode - welcome power electronics, power distribution, inverters, welders, motor control, substations, ASCR, asymmetric, DGT, FST Mission Statement "Westcode Semiconductors will strive to reach the goal of ensuring that our customers, past, present and future have no reason to consider any other supplier for their high power semiconductor requirements" Strategy Statement "To fulfil our mission statement, Westcode semiconductors must build upon the solid foundations that give us a global reputation as a producer of reliable, high quality power semiconductors with the following actions: Maintain the high quality and reliability of our products Achieve a quantum change in service levels to our customers Ensure our customers have ready access to the best technical support Introduce new and innovative products to complement our tried and tested existing product range Control our costs in an increasingly competitive market environment Achievement of these actions is vital to meet our goals" Westcode now offers Mechanical Inspection and Environmental Test Services. Click for information Power: Thyristors (SCR/Fast Switching) Diodes (Rectifier/Fast Recovery) IGBT's GTO Thyristors Pulse Thyristors Assemblies, Power Modules Capacitors and Fuses Click to download Acrobat Reader. Report a website problem Westcode Customer Services email: wsl.sales@westcode.com Telephone: +44 (0)1249 444524 Fax: +44 (0)1249 659448 Westcode Semiconductors, Langley Park Way, Langley Park, Chippenham, UK SN15 1GE
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