Sonotec Application Notes
Westwood Products Inc.
PO Box 610, 330 William St 
South River NJ New Jersey
United States 08882
Phone: +1 732 651 7700, Fax: +1 732 651 7798
Tags: aerators electrodes exchangers gaskets heat rods terminals washers
Keywords: Mechanical Heat Generating Equipment
Manufacturer of ignitors and flame rods for oil and gas burners, ignition and transformer terminals, ignition wire and cable, oil filters, motor couplings, and gauge glass.
Home See the new Spiralink? Ad "Adventures of Serviceman" Welcome to! Westwood Products Inc. is a leading supplier to the heating industry. We manufacture and supply parts to OEM's and to Plumbing & Heating Wholesalers Nationwide as well as to Canada, Mexico, and Latin America. We manufacture parts under trademarks such as Nylo-Flex? Oil Burner Couplings, PURE-OIL? filter refill cartridges, Rajah? ignition terminals , Magic-Patch? magnetic leak patches, and AMP-Master? Thermostat Circuit Meters. We also manufacture parts for OEM's such as RW Beckett, Riello, Wayne, Ducane and many others. We are National Distributors of Tigerloop? Oil De-aerators, Auburn Spark Plugs, Ametek Pressure & Vacuum Gages, Brigon Combustion Analyzers, Spiralink? Couplers, and NASGAUGE? Nozzle Setting Gages. There is much more to know about us, so take a look! Westwood Products manufactures and/or distributes oil burner parts and heating accessories. Our product line includes Auburn electrodes, ignitors, flame rods, Rajah ? transformer & ignition terminals, Tigerloop ? & Tigerloop ULTRA? oil de-aerators, oil burner pump testers, Nylo-Flex ? motor couplings, Trans-Temp ? braised plate heat exchangers, heating oil fuel additives & treatments, solid state igniters, cad cell eye flame detectors, Brigon combustion analyzers, Spiralink? couplers, GTO-15 ignition wire, ceramic spark plug boots, Epoxy Coated Fuel Oil Filters, Elements, Epoxy Coated Spin-on Filters, Ignition Wire & Cable, Ceramic Spark Plug Boots, Gauge Glass, Tridicators, Circulator Couplings, Combustion Chamber Liners, Oil Burner Tune-up Kits, Kut-A-Syz Couplings, Blower Wheels, Pressure & Vacuum Gauges, Magic Patch Magnetic Tank Patch, PRV Oil Line Safety Valve, CO2 Blowout Gun, CO2 Indicators, Smoke Testers, Smoke Paper, Smoke Sticks, Gauge Glass & Cutters, Rajah Crimping Tool, Thermostat Guards, Pump Strainer, Soot Saw, Soot Snake, Soot Saber, Service Saw and many more items... Latest News! (see all news) Tigerloop ULTRA? De-aerator & Spin-on Co