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Wheels Manufacturing, Inc.
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Broomfield CO Colorado
United States 80020
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Wheels Manufacturing, Inc. Check out where you can get our quality products. >>"> Welcome to Wheels Manufacturing, Inc. Your place for precision bicycle products. Our dedication to perfection and quality, puts us head and shoulders above the rest. Our products are made in the USA! Ceramic Bearings ABEC1 ceramic sealed bearings and Grade 5 ceramic loose ball bearings are in! Find out more... Grade 25 Bearings We also have Grade 25 loose ball bearings in tubs and bottles. Find out more... Derailleur hangers We've got over 85 derailleur hangers now! Finally you've got a source for those bikes in your service department that aren't necessarily brands you sell. Find out more... Shifting conversion kits 10 speed, 9 speed, 8 speed, Campagnolo, Shimano..... You want to mix and match drivetrains and we do it! Find out more... Spacers and more spacers Headset spacers, chainring spacers, axle spacers, freehub spacers, BB spacers. The list goes on and on. Find out more... Hub Replacement Parts Axles for anything., Cones, bearings, Axle nuts, Axle Spacers, O-rings and dustcovers, BMX Find out more... Tools and frame repair parts From cog tools to star nut installation, our tools make the job easier. Check out the frame repair section for helpful derailleur hanger repair items. Find out more... Shims and reducers Need to make that fit in there? We probably make a reducer or shim to fit. Headtube reducers, seat post shims, stems, and more. Find out more... Accessories All the little things you need to keep a bike running. Seat binders, bar plugs, "zip" ties, chainstay protectors, just to name a few. Find out more. Maintenance assortments Assortments help keep the shop area organized and working. Looking for little parts does not make a shop money! Every assortments comes in a plastic box with clearly marked re-order part numbers listed. Also included with many parts are compatibility charts right on the box lid! Find out more. Metric fasteners Index casing ferrules Cones Headset spacers Chainring spacers PDF CATALOG &