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Manufactures miniature pressure, vacuum, temperature, differential pressure, and liquid level switch industries.
Whitman Controls - Liquid Level Switches, Miniature Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum Switches Home | Part Search | About Us | Tech Info | FAQ | Contact Us | Cart | Catalogs Pressure, Vacuum & Delta P Switches: (4.3 Mb pdf) Pressure/Vacuum Customer Specification Form: (0.1 Mb pdf) Liquid Level Switches: (3.3 Mb pdf) Temp Temp/Level Switches: (1.6 Mb pdf) DESIGN ENGINEERS: Create a switch for your application utilizing 5 or fewer drop-down boxes and a list of available options. Then select either Submit an RFQ, or Place an Order. Custom Assembled Switches are shipped 2 weeks ARO. To enter our interactive product catalog, choose a Category: Pressure Switches Pressure Switches-NEMA IV Vacuum Switches Vacuum Switches-NEMA IV Compound Switches Differential Pressure Switches Liquid Level Switches Multi-Level Custom Switches Temperature/Level Switches Temperature Switches DISTRIBUTORS/USERS: ONLINE STORE In Stock Customer adjustable switches with external scale and pointer. Order Online for Same Day Shipping on orders received by 1:00PM EST/EDT. To enter our interactive online store catalog, choose a Category: Pressure Switches - Field Adjustable Pressure Switches - Preset and Field Adjustable Vacuum Switches - Field Adjustable Vacuum Switches - Preset and Field Adjustable Compound Switches - Field Adjustable Compound Switches - Preset and Field Adjustable Differential Pressure Switches - Field Adjustable Liquid Level Switches Temperature Switches MAINTENANCE/REPLACEMENT: Search by the manufacturer of your machine for the In Stock OEM replacement part by their part number. Order Online for Same Day Shipping on orders received by 1:00PM EST/EDT. Enter our interactive replacement part catalog: In-Stock Replacement and Spare Part Switches ISO 9001 Registered Whitman Controls Corporation 10% OFF LIST PRICE ON ALL PRODUCT PURCHASED ON LINE. Discounts taken at check out. Discount does not include shipping. Whitman Controls Corporation is an established leader in the manufacture of miniature pressure, differential pressure, vacuu