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Whitney Worldwide Inc Search Home | Company | View Shopping Cart | Request for quote | Contact us TODAY IS: Thursday, July 26 2007 Products & Services 3M Anti-Tarnish Products For Jewelry Protection 3M Anti-Corrosive Protection for Electronic Components 3M Lens and Cleaning Cloths Customized 3M Post-it ? Note Pads, Sheets & Cubes 3M Safety Items 3M Gift-Box Incentives Quality Polishing Cloths & Cloth Storage Bags Sportsman's Lens Cloth Whitney & Private-Label Microfiber Lens Cloths Golf Products & Premiums 3M Consumer Products & Marsha Whitney Products Marketing Communications Serving Folks Around the World For 20 Years With 3M Innovation W hitney Worldwide Inc. is a company where the customer is king. We have learned how to better serve a diverse group of customers around the world by: Providing jewelry manufacturers with 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips and Tabs to eliminate tarnish and discoloration during shipment, storage and display. Enabling electronic component manufacturers and others to eliminate corrosion that affects solderability, wettability, bondability and appearance. Helping optical shops as well as bait and tackle dealers produce add-on sales and more store traffic with our 3M and private-label lens cloths...as well our extraordinary Sportsman's Lens Cloth. Enabling corporations to protect the health and safety of employees with a wide range of 3M vests, masks and ear plugs. Preventing consumers from wasting hours of messy polishing time with 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips, 3M Tarni-Shield Polishes and our great storage bags and cleaning products at ( www.marshawhitney.com ) . Producing higher-quality leads, better survey data and consulting for leading corporations. ( www.whitneymarketing.com ) Reducing hours of labor and expensive material costs for jewelry manufacturers and hobbyists. Providing golf professionals , companies and country clubs with special gifts that stand out from the run-of-the-mill items golfers see far too often. Designing and producing 3M Customized Post-it Notes and other promotional prod
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