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Wire Rope / Cable Assembly from PROMEC - US Product Mechanization Co. Wire Rope / Cable Assembly Equipment Home Facility Contact Us Quick Quote Wire Rope / Cable Assembly Equipment Portable Swager Portable Swager for "on site" swaging. Model Q6000 Hydraulic Swager For wire, rope and cable assemblies up to 3/4 inch Dia. Cable and short cycle times. Swaging Dies Low cost standard and special dies for a large variety of end fittings. Model 438 Hydraulic Swager For wire, rope and cable assemblies up to 1/2 inch Dia. Cable and sort cycle times. Bench Swager Low cost solution for small to medium jobs. Universal - Can do both single squeeze oval sleeve type fittings AND Mil-Spec round fittings, this normally requires multiple, expensive machines Quick changeover - less than 2 minutes to change from one fitting to another (any style) Small size - requires minimal floor space Highly reliable - low maintenance, long history of highly reliable use Easy operation - smooth, quiet, simple set up and operation, ready to use Primary machine used (the standard) by many manufacturers and cable assembly job shops Most users have multiple machines due to success of using the PROMEC machines. PROMEC is the leader in the mid-range swager market with its highly universal and easy to use swagers, setting the standard for the wire rope and cable swaging industry. With a long history of cost effective and reliable use, these machines fill a broad range of swaging requirements for rope and cable from 3/64 through 3/4 inch diameters. PROMEC swagers are the only “single” machines that can swage high tolerance Mil-Spec ball, ball shank, and straight shank fittings as well as single squeeze oval sleeves, stake eyes, hexes, and button stops. Using any other manufacturer’s equipment, this range of capability would require multiple machines. PROMEC’s machines have been developed and refined for over 20 years and are in service throughout the world swaging products ranging from dog runs to automotive seat belts an