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Burlington VT Vermont
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Renewable energy manufacturer and distributor of human, solar, wind and microhydro systems.
Pedal Power Generators -- Windstream Power Create electricity with pedal power! The Human Power Generator uses bike power to create electricity. Small, portable, and dependable - perfect for emergencies, power failures, remote locations, and off-grid applications. Charge 12 volt batteries; run small appliances. Incorporate into your existing 12 volt system or plug your 120 volt appliance into the Portable Power Pack outlet and start pedaling. The average person can expect to produce about 150 watts continously with the Human Power Trainer. The Human Power Generator can produce about 65 watts continously when pedaled and about 40 watts when handcranks are used. read more NECN "A small, dependable human-power generator - perfect for emergencies, power failures, marine and off-grid applications." more CARGO MAGAZINE "Great exercise, energy saving, and experiential learning about power!" Fun, exciting and beneficial for all... read more Human Power Generator Series | Power Education | Permanent Magnet DC Generators | Wind Turbines and Towers | Spare Parts Links | Order Form | About Us | Contact Us | Copyright 2007 Windstream Power LLC