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Wisco Industries, Inc.
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Oregon WI Wisconsin
United States 53575
Phone: 608 835 3106 608 835 7399, Fax: +1 608 274 1589
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Wisco - Contract Manufacturing - Metal Stamping Who Are We? Wisco Industries, Inc. was incorporated in 1949 and has had one mission and that would be to HELP their customers succeed. In so doing, we would do the same. Fortunately, we have taken care of our company, our company has been able to help others, and 57 years later we are alive and well and living in Wisconsin and Alabama..."not bad". What Makes Us Special? Quality is a process planned into every metal stamping and assembly. Before production begins, Wisco Industries' engineering and manufacturing teams hold "prequality" conferences to establish quality standards and procedures for all projects including metal stamping. Each part is subject to ongoing "failure-mode analysis" to anticipate and eliminate potential points of failure in the production process. We monitor our quality in real time. Using our Stat-Net SPC network, Wisco Industries gets a continuous read on part quality during production runs and can take corrective action as needed. The end result is delivery of consistently high-quality parts and assemblies. Featured Case Study Greenlee Textron Wisco Industries has been doing business with Greenlee Textron for over 50 years. In the early 1970s, we got involved in a Contract Manufacturing job with them to make a mechanical black-iron pipe bender that is used to bend conduit "on the job". This was a major project for Wisco Industries in those days, and it became a large portion of our business. We not only made the metal parts, we welded and assembled the entire bender, packaged it and delivered it to its distribution center ready for shipment to its customers. Services Highlight Wisco Industries, Inc. has twelve thousand square feet devoted to welding. This does not include spot welding which has its own department. Continuous wire welding, Mig, Tig, and an assortment of automatic welding machines make up Wisco Industries' capabilities, not to mention the certified welders who operate the equipment.
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