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X-Pando Products Company Special Expanding Cements for use with pipe couplings, ceramic and glass The problem solver for over 60 years! X-Pando Pipe Joint Compound for threaded or flanged joints made of iron, steel, brass, copper, stainless steel and PVC X-Pando Special #2 pipe joint compound for cement lined pipes to be welded X-Pandotite a white tile and tub cement that also anchors bolts, railing and fixtures X-Pandotite Special Glass anchors plate glass in metal doors and windows Customer Testimonials see what our customers have to say about our products. Online Order Form Order our products online. To request additional information please use our Information Request Send your comments to the X-Pando Products Company Sales Staff X-Pando Products Company P.O. Box 1300 Trenton, NJ 08607 Copyright ? 2004 by X-Pando Products Company . All rights reserved.