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Labsphere var productArray = new Array(new Array(new Array('appdetail.aspx?app=35','Light Measurement'),new Array('575','CDS 1100 and 2100 High-End Spectrometers','Offering a high dynamic range, a choice of broad spectral ranges in the UV-VIS-NIR regions and an unparalled ease of use, these high-end spectrometers are perfect for the characterization of light sources and light source systems.','CDS1100_small.gif'), new Array('586','Choice Packages for Spectral Intensity LEDs and Small Light Sources','Accurate LED measurements for spectral intensity that are simple, quick and repeatable.','LEDPackage10_small.gif'), new Array('587','Choice Packages for Total Spectral Flux of LEDs and Small Light Sources','Combining intuitive software with high-speed hardware to simplify complex measurements. These packages make it possible to get results for total spectral flux, luminous flux, radiometric flux, and colorimetric in milliseconds.','LEDpackage7_small.gif'), new Array('588','Choice Packages for Total Spectral Flux of Medium to Large Light Sources','Making complex Medium to large light source measurements simple by combining intuitive software with high-speed hardware.','LEDpackage8_small.gif'), new Array('579','E 1000 Spectral Irradiance Receiver','Optical head for measuring spectral irradiance when connected to a Labsphere spectrometer with SLMS or LightX spectral Light measurement software.','E1000_small.gif'), new Array('521','Handheld Photometer',' A rugged, portable photometric instrument for measuring luminous flux. Measurement: Luminous Flux Parameters: Lumens Range: 0.05 - 7000 lumens Features: portable, rugged device, programmable correction factors','HLMS_sm_web test.jpg'), new Array('578','I 1000 and 1 2000 Average Spectral Intensity Heads','Intensity heads that position your packaged LEDs for CIE average intensity as defined by CIE conditions A and B','Intensityheads_small.gif'), new Array('571','IES 1000 Intensity/ Irradiance Calibration Lamp Standard','Calibrate the spectral response of spectral irradiance
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