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Xymid, Llc
220 GBC Dr 
Newark DE Delaware
United States 19702
Phone: +1 301 797 7850
Tags: caps ends goods rubber thermoforming
Keywords: Textiles and Nonwovens Fabrics Technical Textiles
USA. Custom designed technical fabrics with high stretch and recovery, strength, moldability, absorbency and thermal properties for bedding, coating and laminating substrates, and protection, utilising proprietory technology which originated in the DuPont Co, and incorporates bulkable yarns into nonwoven structures.
Xymid LLC Customized Technical Fabrics and Print Sleeves Click here for Phone Directory .... Formed on October 1, 1998, Xymid, LLC consists partially of some new and growing businesses created by the DuPont company. The majority ownership and management of Xymid, LLC held various leadership roles in these businesses within the DuPont organization. The following list is names of the businesses that presently make up Xymid, LLC. Please click on these buttons to explore further > > > Bill Spencer recalls that day in March 1995 as clearly as if it were yesterday. ............................. Click here to read the full article> "Let Xymid customize a technical fabric for You!" Click here for more information. Copyright 2003 Xymid, LCC web design by
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