SensorScan for Sensor Networks Inc
Zierick Manufacturing Corporation
Radio Circle 
Mount Kisco NY New York
United States 10549
Phone: +1 630 654 0170 x129, Fax: +1 630 654 0302
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Manufacturers equipment for assembling and placing onto circuit boards interconnection components including single pin and multipin headers. Company also sells standard and custom connectors, terminals, and fuse clips. Site includes equipment and product specifications, plus technical articles on interconnect design.
Home: Zierick Manufacturing Corporation site map | contact us | tech resources | news | directions | employment search Providing innovative solutions to complex interconnection requirements for over 90 years Thank you for visiting the Zierick website. We have a wide range of surface mount and through hole connectors and assembly equipment available to order. You can choose from our inventory of standard products or request a custom solution . We hope you find what you need. If not, contact us . Se habla español. Zierick Manufacturing 131 Radio Circle Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 USA 800-882-8020 Surface Mount Connectors Technology Overview | Application Design Concepts | Pins and Posts | Tabs / Quick Disconnect Terminals | Headers | Board Stacking Connectors | Wire Connectors | Jumpers | Receptacles | Plating Specifications Through Hole Connectors Technology Overview | Tabs / Quick Disconnect Terminals | Test Point Terminals | Miniature Socket - Pro Wave Connectors | Receptacles | Wire Connectors | Screw Terminals / Binding Posts | Posts | Taped Terminals for Radial Insertion Machines | Plating Specifications Hardware Quick Disconnect Terminals | Crimp Terminals | Eyelet Terminals | Receptacles | Fuse Clip Terminals | Spring Clips | Screw Terminals | Ring Terminals | Solder Terminals | Solder Lug Terminals | Lockwashers | Jumper Terminals | Angle Brackets | Cable Clamps | Screws and Wire Clamps | Strip Terminals | Plating Specifications Equipment Surface Mount Feeder for Strip Terminals | Surface Mount Feeder for Loose Piece Terminals | Fully Automatic Insertion Machine 9700 XY | Bench Top Semi-Automatic Insertion Machine (Large Volumes) | Bench Top Semi-Automatic Insertion Machine (Small Volumes) | Hand Terminal Insertion Tool | Insertion Machine Tooling per Terminal Part Number Home | About Us | Connectors | Hardware | Equipment | Custom Solutions ?2006 Zierick Manufacturing Corporation