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Overseas Contract Manufacturing: Provides electronics manufacturing services SITE MAP REQUEST INFORMATION CONTACT US INSPECTION & TEST COMPANY INFORMATION PROCESS MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TECHNOLOGY OUR ADVANTAGE GLOSSARY COST SAVINGS REQUEST A QUOTE QUALITY & ISO 9000 Zyrel... combining US-based customer service and Asian assembly and procurement for cost-competitive electronics manufacturing while maintaining high levels of service and quality. © COPYRIGHT 2005 ZYREL, INC. | TERMS OF USE | PRIVACY POLICY Zyrel is a fast-growing provider of electronics manufacturing services ( EMS ) and integrated supply chain solutions. Whether it's printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, PCB assembly (PCBA), product testing, or box-build, Zyrel has the right solution to meet your manufacturing needs. The range of our EMS solutions encompasses the entire spectrum of your product's life cycle, from concept, to execution, to post sales service. In this dynamic and constantly changing market environment where flexibility, dependability, speed, and cost-effectiveness are of the essence, Zyrel always proves to be up to the challenge. The breadth of our services allows us to meet a wide variety of our customers' product development needs, while our ISO-certification serves as proof of our dedication to quality. Our global presence allows us to leverage the unique economic advantage of overseas contract manufacturing in Asian facilities ? Hong Kong , China , and the Philippines - passing on these benefits to our clients. With headquarters in California , we are always available to answer any project concerns or inquiries our customers may have.
Mistras Group